True Love

True Love

True love sets your standards high,
But it cannot be confined to the standards of this world..

True love looks at the good and the bad
But it doesn’t merely rely on what the eyes can see..

True love starts with admiration
But along the way you accept more than admire..

True love can be defined using words so many
But defining it means you act more than you speak..

True love is finding the Ideal one,
But it’s always God’s idea of Ideal and not ours…

True love makes you do crazy things
But all those crazy things combined are nothing compared to being patient and kind..

True love puts someone at the center of your universe,
But the joy it brings is meant to be shared with the rest of the world..

True loves makes you say, “It’s time”
But only God can tell if it really is.. time..

True love, then, gives you patience to wait
But in waiting you do not count the days..

For True Love comes to those whose waiting was not spent on searching,
But on living fully for others as if they are not waiting at all..

True love comes when love is real,
And love only becomes real when you put your trust on God’s perfect will, not on what you feel..

True Love happens..
Just wait and see it happen. =)


Post by Carmela Ann Santos, TLW volunteer. Mel is a lover of written words, kids, and education. She values her faith, family, and her personal time. She dreams of writing a book, doing an interview with Mike Shinoda, and building her bookstore someday. Her favorite topics are faith, love, and others. She finds happiness seeing her loved ones happy. She wants to retire as a mobile teacher and spend the remaining days of her life in Batanes.

Young Love

Young Love

by Marijo Phelps

Quiet and slow to talk,
Shy but fun,
Kind and understanding,
My heart he won.

Strong in purpose and character,
Clean in mind and deed,
Athletic and boyish,
Love has a seed.

Romantic and gentle,
Prejudices few
Humble yet proud,
And so the seed grew.

Slowly and quietly,
Unknown to either one,
Gradually and serenely,
Love did come.

I realized it suddenly
One unnamed day
When life sent us each
A different way.

A Love Letter

A Love Letter


A Love Letter
by Patrixia Camille Dimalanta

Stars mapped across the sky,
Ripples in still waters,
Whispers in the wind passing by,
Are all but pieces in my promise to you forever.

But if by any chance you weren’t able to notice,
No sweet nothings, no lies
Hear me, what I say is true
I am and always will be the first to love you.

I love you, I do.
Purely, without the slightest blemish
Passionately, as in my heart you are cherished
It is no secret, I’ve always made it known to you

I love you, I do.
Completely, every inch of me is for you
Unconditionally, in all of your days I will carry you
It is no secret, I’ve always made it known to you

Please do not look anywhere else
My heart is breaking, my love
Please do not settle for what this world tells
Don’t break my heart, my love

I’ve no diamond ring to put on your finger,
Brilliantly cut in a thousand facets.
My nail-pierced hands to propose with is what I offer,
And a promise to never part, not even in death

I love you, I do.
It is no secret, I’ve always made it known to you
I have risen to make you as white as snow.
Now I’m waiting for you, to say “I do” to Me too.

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Satisfy Me

We are wired for intimacy.

The longings of our hearts are legitimate. We cannot deny the truth that all of us are desiring to be with someone one way or another. We long for approval, acceptance, forgiveness, faithfulness and love.

St. Augustine said ‘Our hearts are restless unless it find their rest in God alone’.

True enough, our deep longings and desires are connected to what God wants for our life.


written by Gina Idea

You are the reason of this yearning

This heart that has taken you captive

The longing won’t subside, can’t wait ‘til you come

And bring me to you forever

I have nothing but you in my mind

No one but you in my heart

The world outside is busy with its desires

But I look to you, my only desire

Look to me with favor

Look to me with compassion

Hear this voice of mine

Clamoring for the assurance of your smile

I searched for acceptance

But did not find it

Searched for answers

That did not come

Tried this and that

Experienced these and those

Realized there is no substitute

For genuine truth

The only thing that will satisfy

The only thing that matters

The only thing cared about

Is The only thing, no doubt

Marvelous, indeed

Greater than what I sense inside

Bigger than fleeting feelings

Is you eternal.