If there is one thing people are serious about in our society, its purity – at least when it comes to what we eat.

I am the fly in your soup!

In some countries, mushrooms can’t be sold if there is an average of 20 or more maggots of any size per 15 grams of dried mushrooms. Butter won’t be sold if it has 5 or more whole insects per 100 grams? Otherwise it will go right on your tinapay! If there are more than 13 insect heads in 100 grams of fig paste, Sayang! As for hotdogs…don’t ask!

Alin- alin ang naiba?

The Bureau of Food and Drugs establishes standards for everything sold in grocery stores. Unfortunately, the standards of purity for foods aren’t always what you might hope.

When questioned about impurities officials respond “The standards are up for discussion, we will evaluate this and if we find a scientific basis that these measures are unreasonable then we will take further action”

If anything is really good, we long for it to exist in its pure form. Oxygen without exhaust fumes (not in Manila!) The Pasig river…well bad example of purity. When something is pure it exists in its undefiled, uncontaminated state.


For God purity is a word greatly prized. Unfortunately, in our day it has been largely written off as quaint, Victorian, prudish. Someone who is Pure sounds like a person who isn’t fully human, when in fact God’s call for us to be pure is precisely his call of us to be purely human – humanity as he intended it to be, uncontaminated by incorrect life choices.

The paradox today…being impure is normal. The uncommon has become abnormal.


So is your life up for discussion? Will you evaluate this article and when you find a scientific basis that these measures are unreasonable, only then will you take further action?

We will ask you to wait on some things…but when it comes to impurities we suggest…. Dont Wait! Stop allowing any impurities in your body, mind and soul…


As for flys in your soup? Bahala Ka!