I Kissed WAITING Goodbye!

YES! You read the title correctly. I’ve decided that I’m through with waiting. That I would stop this period of nothingness and start pursuing.  No more and I say it again no more. Waiting causes so much trouble for me, so much heartache and fear. It’s time I remove this things from me instead I will start to pursue. Yes I will start to pursue.


I will pursue to improve my character that the one created for me would not have to suffer my ill attitude, bad temper, sharp tongue, and fits of range.

I will pursue my dreams and ambitions that the one created for me might share in all my accomplishment and she would carry my name with a smile on her face.

I will pursue deeper friendships with those around me that the one created for me would be surrounded by amazing people who cares for me and would eventually care for her as well.

I will pursue accountability that all my actions, words and even my thoughts would be kept in check. That the one created for me would not have to carry all my burden alone.

I will pursue to develop my self that the one created for me would not only be attracted for my character and heart but for everything about me.

I will pursue purity that I would be able to give the one created for me the greatest gift I could give her. (I hope she is doing the same for me)

I will pursue righteousness that I may be right with God and with men. That the one created for me would not have to suffer because of my wrong actions.

I will pursue Holiness, that I would be set apart. Holy before God. That the one created for me would see that I am different. That I am out of this world.

I will stop waiting, stop doing nothing! For the one created for me deserves more than just to be waited upon.

She deserves the best. I will do my best to be the best for her.

I’m through with waiting I have kissed it goodbye.

(Article written by JC YU)

Commitment not MU!

The world teaches a different thing or perspective concerning relationships with the opposite sex. Its okei to be in a “relationship” without a commitment. Kaya super complicated ang journey niyong dalawa.Commitment nt MUAng reason ng ilan…

“Hassle kase e.” “Ay0ko ng additional responsibility.” “Hindi pa ako handa.”

Statements such as these doesn’t make any sense. We strongly believe that its more than being attracted with someone or palagay ang loob niyo sa isa’t isa or you said “I love you mwah mwah” to someone. The question of “Am i ready to spend the rest of my life with this person?” ” Am i willing to do anything for her sake and welfare?” These are basic questions to consider.

Commitment is not just a cheap invitation, attracting you to great benefits and advantages. It involves unbelievable cost and supreme sacrifices. spare your heart

 Commitment is the answer not MU thing. Commitment looks in the future! One time shot, short time, playing safe doesn’t describe it at all. If you’re not yet ready, stop and think! Spare your heart from aches. Save it and wait for the right time. Build healthy relationships first to your family, friends, classmates, workmates, churchmates.


Think about this.. God’s love for you is not a MU thing. He built it in commitment to fulfill the promise he has set before our hearts. Its a relationship that will never end. Forever, that’s what we call COMMITMENT.

Are you afraid of commitments?

What things hinder you to commit faithfully to someone?

Do you need a change on how u personally view things?



Take Time to REALize

Do you usually end up your day like this, “Hay, it’s just an ordinary day?” You see things simply as the way it is. Pero haven’t you ever thought na a lot of times we are missing the obvious? I mean a lot!

That’s why take a little break. Take time to REALize these things.

sun_for_web.gif Do you know that the Sun is like a ball of fire? It is not just a little star twinkling twinkling in the sky coz it is HUGE! Even though it looks small in the sky it is actually bigger than you might imagine. It only looks small because it is 93 million miles away.milkyway.jpg

 According to NASA, there are 3,000 visible galaxies in the universe. Wow! That’s a lot.  And Milky Way is one of the galaxies mentioned which is our subdivision of the Solar System.



An average person will secrete sweat 1 litre per day, increasing to more than10 litre per day in a hot environment or during vigorous exercise.

Whenever you play badminton where it is ‘competitive’,you are burning 346 calories per badmintonhour. Sounds good for those who are in a diet. Playing badminton regularly increases the levels of HDL good cholesterol while decreasing the levels of bad cholesterols.


breatheI just learned about this… An average person takes in 21,600 breaths per day. Our body requires 88 pounds of oxygen per day. Sighing or yawning is a sign that you are not getting enough oxygen.

wormEarthworms? The earthworm is a well-known fishing bait, and it is sometimes called a fishworm or angleworm. Do you know that an earthworm has five pairs of “hearts” in the front part of its body. The “hearts” help circulate the worm’s blood.

These are simple facts about life how we live and see things but have you ever thought about this? Do you think there is more to see to the life you’re up to? The truth is… there are more! At times, we are much preoccupied thinking more about ourself and missing the things that are so obvious.

Or lets just put it this way, when was the last time you encouraged someone?

When was the last time you said ‘I Love You’ to your parents?

When was the last time you thank God for the life He has given you?

Do you know that your life is like just a vapor that appears for a little while and vanishes? You do not even know what will happen tomorrow!

Life is only on-loan and a superior Being can simply take it anytime He wants.


We have to REALize it!


Franco (“,)

Crazy Love

Crazy_love.jpg What’s the first thing that comes into your mind whenever you hear the word love? Is it a heart? Text messages from a friend? A person so dear to you? You can think many stuff, right. How about the word crazy? You might ask, “San, loob o labas?” hehe. But its more than that.

When we marry “Crazy” and “Love”  it can explode to an intense passion towards someone. It’s to have a soul single passion to the One who is so dear to you! In a few weeks to come, i’ll be sharing to you reflections in discovering this ultimate desire of loving someone more than the requirements and standards, seeing as He is the only One you are looking for, savoring the sweetness and greatness of the One who has fashioned you according to his grandeur design.

This is more than just a book review but a time to examine if the life you are living now is working. If not, will introduce the life that will challenge you to do hard things, push you to live on the edge, and invite you to be part of a body where radical living is the norm.

Keep this in mind,

when you’re wildly in love with someone, it changes everything!


Think about these:

  • What are some crazy things you’ve done for the sake of love?
  • Do you at times feel that loving others is a duty instead of love?
  • Are you looking for an authentic relationship with someone?

X Files Philippines

Want to know the TRUTH…you must believe. So, is truth whatever we decide in our hearts to believe? We cannot just believe whatever we feel like is right or what seems korek, there is no such thing as multiple truths.

A wise man once said “The way of the fool seems right to him, but the wise person listens to advice. Often we get email from people who say “Hi came across your site by accident” well… sa akin…minsan may accidents sa  EDSA… alam niyo MAY BANGGA…  pero… sa buhay mo….  Focus your eyes on the things you know are right!

If your eyes are going to the wrong sites…and well you make some bad choices… its a choice. So bad choices are on purpose. Bahala Ka…tama ba yan?…and we don’t want to ever say “why did God let me do this thing”


Does it feel like life, is like a picture show, not quite real, but pain and loss affect your soul.  And many times we’re left without a place to go. Through it all I’ve learned about the way it ought to be and set my minid free, through the things I can see…Can you feel the Supernatural, And can you feel the way he wants to love. In a life that’s so fragile. Can you feel the Supernatural. Look around and see the wonders of His hand. There’s a plan, there’s no one here by circumstance. I believe that no one here is here by chance.Through it all I’ve learned about the way it ought to be and set my mind free through the things I can see….                                                                                                                  

Lyrics from the song Supernatural by Salvador.

I know you might have clicked on this blog thinking something else….well for that I am sorry. But if I encouraged you today for that I am glad. At True Love Waits we are here to help you and also to help your friends. We know its possible that you might have some friends that are in need of a Supernatural rescue…from a bondage that is more powerful than themselves…. for this…..Zaido cannont help….. Pulis Pangkalawakan….well sorry, Obi one kanobi and Zaido are just fiction….

Jesus is real and Supernatural!                                            

Remember it is God’s overwhelming Love, Grace & Mercy that enables us to rise out of any stuggle.  Come by our place in Ortigas if you want to experience the Force!

Pray for Salvador, they want to come to Manila!

Kuya Derek !

Incredible Rescue

In a village in India in 2006, a young boy named Prince fell into a 60-foot-deep hole. The hole’s opening had only a sack over it, and it was just the right size for a young boy to fall deep into the hole. After local police made an attempt to get him out, the army was called.

Boy RescuedFor the next two days, men removed large amounts of mud from an abandoned well that was 10 feet away from the hole into which Prince had fallen. Rescuers constantly spoke to the boy to comfort and encourage him. Oxygen was pumped into the hole as well. The army continued digging into the well creating a pipe-reinforced passageway to connect them to Prince. The boy was eventually rescued because of the work of five soldiers in the well and passageway. Like Prince, you too have been rescued!

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, who gave himself for our sins to rescue us from the present evil age.

The rescue was planned with you and humanity in mind long ago.  We are able to understand and experience grace, love and peace because Jesus rescued you from evil by being our sacrifice on the cross. God wants you and everyone you know, and even those you don’t know, to experience this incredible rescue.

We don’t have a clue what’s happening in your life. Maybe some of you are tossed back and forth by big tidal waves. Some are trapped in a certain past and hard to move on. Others are overwhelmed with big mountains of problems they have in life. What ever it is, “Do you need a rescue?”

You need an incredible rescue from a great Savior.

That’s Jesus Christ!