TLW, Franco, Amanda Grace and Derek are here to guide you and how can you understand unless you have a guide a man once said, and he proceeded to alow someone to guide him and his life changed forever! Enjoy reading.

1. Happy disposition

-Look for a happy, optimistic person. Find someone who has a sense of humor and can laugh at himself/herself. True happiness springs from a content heart. Beware of the person who is only happy when you are around. You’re going to get tired of being responsible for another person’s happiness. You could end up feeling guilty when the person slips into bouts of depression. True happiness is a part of a person’s character, regardless of the circumstances.


-How does your date treat his parents and yours? Chances are you’ll get treated very much the same way. Does he see things that need to be done and offer to help? Or does he put his own needs first? Does he open doors for you and wait to seat you at the table? Manners are important – and they seldom get better after marriage.

3. Not easily angered

-Temper out bursts can be the symptom of internal hostility. This hostility is often repressed during courtship as a person is trying hard to be on his best behavior. Take seriously any outbursts you observe, and check with others who have known this person in different situations to see if they have noticed this trait. The way a woman treats her younger brother may be an indication of how she will treat her husband. Be leery of the person who has not learned to express his anger in words and instead merely harbors angry feelings in his heart. Going silent and withdrawing from a loved one because of anger is unhealthy and damaging to a relationship. Be sure you date a person long enough to observe how easily he or she becomes angry and how these feelings are expressed. Ask yourself, “Is this what I want to live with for a lifetime?”

4. Willing to solve problems

-It’s almost impossible to solve relationship problems by yourself. Marry someone who will be honest enough to admit being wrong, who doesn’t have a habit of blaming others.