How to Volunteer

3 Step Process

1. Attend the Get Oriented Day
2. Fill in the Volunteer Profile Sheet--which will be signed during Get Oriented Day
3. Attend Wait Training (this training for volunteers cost a one-time donation of P150)

Note: Get Oriented Day and Wait Training happens in one day.

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If you want to be a True Love Waits Volunteer, fill out the form below:

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Please wait for the coordinator to email you back inviting you to join the Orientation and Wait Training.

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Thanks for coming here. The staff at True Love Waits realize the courage it took for you to get this far. Is the sin in your life a burden for you? Actually, that's good news. If the mistakes that you are making cause you a heaviness, then be glad because Jesus says to you "Rest in me". We've placed this tab here because year after year, people have emailed us with the subject line "I NEED HELP". You are not alone. Our staff are dedicated to pray for you and listen to the things in your life that have burdened you. We provide for those who find themselves struggling with the effects of sin a safe place to walk honestly in loving community and receive God's truth in addressing life's difficulties.

Let us know how we can help you by filling out the information below:
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True Love Waits is committed to impacting youth by teaching them to be
pure in heart which will lead them to make the right choices—especially in the issue of sexual abstinence until marriage.
True Love Waits speaks in large groups and following it, they train core leaders with TLW workshop lessons. Get full details on how you can invite us to your church, school or barangay,