The root of the problem in our society is the problem of the heart. And the problems young people encounter today are symptoms of a greater problem.

Last year, there was a young woman who asked us for help. She was a Christian and she got involved with a married guy. "I need help. I want to stop this relationship. Help me to stop," she said.

Now that she's getting back on track, she said "If only I had the right perspective on relationships, grounded in God's word, and didn't listen to the lies of the world before, maybe I would not have been involved with a married guy and let him be the cause of my first heartache."

People are asking us for help. They need someone who will selflessly pour out their time to listen to their problems and to tell them what's right. They need people who can be real to them and help them break free from the misconceptions of love, sex, and relationships that pressure them to give in to temptations. They need examples of people who will model to them what it means to live a pure life.

You may think that teaching a person about the real meaning of love is not something to be taken seriously. But it is. Because if a man doesn't know how to love, he doesn't know how to truly live. And we have seen a lot of people from all walks of life going on with their lives trying to satisfy themselves with the things of this world: sex, money, and power, only to end in destruction.

Are you willing to selflessly give your time, energy, and treasure to give life to others? Will you do what God is calling you to do and snatch others from the fire? The Lord said, "If you love me, you will obey my commands."

And His command is to love. Greater love has no one than this: He who lays down his life for the sake of others. They need help. Be a TLW Volunteer.

Thanks for coming here. The staff at True Love Waits realize the courage it took for you to get this far. Is the sin in your life a burden for you? Actually, that's good news. If the mistakes that you are making cause you a heaviness, then be glad because Jesus says to you "Rest in me". We've placed this tab here because year after year, people have emailed us with the subject line "I NEED HELP". You are not alone. Our staff are dedicated to pray for you and listen to the things in your life that have burdened you. We provide for those who find themselves struggling with the effects of sin a safe place to walk honestly in loving community and receive God's truth in addressing life's difficulties.

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True Love Waits is committed to impacting youth by teaching them to be
pure in heart which will lead them to make the right choices—especially in the issue of sexual abstinence until marriage.
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