Neon Shirt: A Manifesto On Living

Neon Shirt

It's time to let go of the desire to be righteous. It is God's righteousness that we ought to seek with all our hearts. Salvation is His gift to us because YOUR LIFE MATTERS..

And life is beautiful. God is the creator of beautiful things. He makes beautiful things happen. He sees you as beautiful.

Even the work that you do. Big or small, whatever you do can be done as an act of service—bringing glory to God wherever, whenever. We are in constant connection with Our Lord. His heart and our hearts, they beat as ONE.

And so all of us are created TO LOVE and FOR LOVE. The God of Love loves you. His grace is enough to embrace you—all of you, without questions, without hesitations. You who are deeply loved is capable of loving.

It is with this love that we profess: Christianity is not about what not to do, but DOING ALL THINGS FOR CHRIST. It does not set limits; we are called to overcome and conquer walls that separate us from eternal life. Christianity is not supposed to make us dull and boring; it ignites our soul to live a life of fullness, boldness, brightness, as if we are wearing bright neon shirts causing all heads to turn to the One who is giving light. THE LIGHT.

The God who neonizes—adding vibrance, keeping us up, awake, alive. His light gives meaning and fullness to our simplicity, nakedness, brokeness. WITHOUT HIM, WE ARE NOTHING.

Now we are called to display neon shirts—believers living life at its best, in all its colors, for the glory and honor of God who makes everything glow and shine.

Wear it today. Wear it always. Let your neon shirt reflect a picture of eternity for all the world to see..



Post by Carmela Ann Santos, TLW volunteer. Mel is a lover of written words, kids, and education. She values her faith, family, and her personal time. She dreams of writing a book, doing an interview with Mike Shinoda, and building her bookstore someday. Her favorite topics are faith, love, and others. She finds happiness seeing her loved ones happy. She wants to retire as a mobile teacher and spend the remaining days of her life in Batanes.

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