♫…Nobody, nobody but you. I want nobody, nobody but you….♫

Sounds familiar?

Of course you should know this! “Nobody but You” is a song by the WonderGirls of Korea. This song recently became popular in the Philippines and has almost all the youth dancing to its steps. People have created dance and exercise routines from this catchy tune.

It’s a song about a special someone. It’s a song about finding someone who completes you, who gives you joy, who’s there for you, who you want to be with, who you enjoy being with, who you enjoy talking to, someone who makes us happy, someone who makes us feel special, makes us feel loved…

Let me ask you, who is that special someone in your life? Some of us find that special someone, that “nobody-but-you,” in the form of our family—parents or brothers or sisters. Some of us find it in our friends, our best friend, our textmate, our chat-mate, etc. And some of us find that special someone in a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

If you truly believe that God is real, who should be that special someone in our lives? To whom should we sing “Nobody, nobody but you?” Who should we look to for joy, for happiness, for contentment, fulfillment?

Sometimes, we tend to look to other people to make us happy, make us feel complete. We forget that it is God alone who can answer all our needs, who can make us truly happy, who can make us feel at peace. It is God who loves us in spite of anything and everything. We forget that and instead look to someone else.

And when we look to someone else, when we see the flaws, when the person does not give us everything we want, we become dissatisfied.

Let me tell you that no one can give us what we need, no one can make us truly happy as God can. It is to Him we should go, it is to Him we should look to for happiness, contentment, joy, peace. It is to Him we should sing “Nobody, nobody but You. I want nobody, nobody but You.”

  • grace

    yes... that's true, no body but GOD!

  • princess

    i didn't understand the true meaning and essence of the song until i read this one,this is really true,thank you for the wonderful meaning i realized because of you,god bless.

  • aphrodite

    ..hie it's nice to read this one..yah it is trully that only Jesus Christ...---the nobody but Him...let's keep in our mind that only Jesus Christ---the lord of all the one can the source of happiness,joy,love and everything..Hallelujah...

  • Jhiellina Niña


  • Jill Ponio

    i do not like the song because everytime i sing it, it gets stuck to my head! but thinking that this song is to be sung for God makese me like getting LSS-ed to it more 🙂 God is so good!

  • clarice

    you are totally right..

    JESUS should be our everything..
    JESUS should be our FIRST PRIORITY in life..
    and most of all
    JESUS should be our greatest love and FIRST LOVE..

    through HIM we'll experience contentment, great joy and unending peace..

  • emohcriez..

    ...i thnk it shouldnt un nterestd 4 those youth,
    to think bout the true meaning of that song..
    but,if you pursue from it,or feel and focus
    from this true meaning ..,you may even..get it!!

  • iane


  • maann

    i also agree
    it's nobody nobody...
    but God.
    i want nobody nobody but God!

  • Apachezz

    Ang kabataan ngayon sabik sa pagmamahal, sunod sa uso ika nga laging "IN" sana ganun din ang paningin at paniniwala nila sa Panginoon. Maging sabik din sila na maipakita at maipadama ang pagmamahal sa Panginoon. Salamat sa tulong ng mga kaibigan ko at nakilala ko Siya...

  • Tama ang iyong tinuran Apachezz. Sana sa iyo at sa akin magsimula ang isang magandang halimbawa na tunay na tutularan ng mga kabataan.



    ... i'm Agree talaga...!!!
    Because Our Life,Our Strenght, And
    Our Hope is From God.

    So we need to Thank God for all the Things That He have Donein our lives....

    Yup! it's TrUe tHat
    no boDy no Body buT GOD Alone
    can GiVe ThE true happenes, peace, and Love
    in OuR Lives....

    ..God is GooD All The TIMe,,,talaga,

    God Bless Us All


  • sansi

    yeah.. it's so true.. why find someone when we can just have everything in Him.. It's all about Him..

  • cherry

    I want nobody but CHRIST

  • misscartoonprincess


  • janet

    this thing came also to a thought in my mind. Jesus is all i ever wanted since the day i accepted him as my Lord,savior and most of all my provider in everything. praise Him now and forever! glory to God! no one compares Jesus Christ.

  • sheryl

    yes...i very much agree...

    only god can fulfilled all the thing that we need in lyf.....

    we our nothing without GOD!!!

  • leonard Ampoyas

    ...paborito ko talaga ang music na NOBODY..but di q alam ang tunay na meaning o sin.o talaga ang tinutukoy nito,but ng simula kong basahin ang topic na ito..nalaman ko na lng na ang tinutukoy ay si Jesus sya lang ang tunay na nagbibigay ng pagmamahal at talagang nagbibigay ng solusyon sa mga problema na nararanasan ko sa araw-araw na dumadaan...NOBODY>>NOBODY BUT YOU>>,,,..

  • lhove

    Thanks for this message:)
    i realized something.. yah, right!
    may our GOD bless this SITE always 🙂


  • claire

    kala mu kanta lang pero,..

    sabi nga sa unang command,..
    you should love Me alone and adore Me above all""..

    pero minsan nalilimutan nating lahat to,.. maski ako, guilty ako pagdating dito,..
    kaya dapat bumawi!!

    NOTE: baguhin ang dance step,.. when you point your fingers, point it upward,.. ☺

  • wena

    yeah..only GOD can fulfill it..
    nkkblessed na malaman un aa..=)

  • Lawliet

    very true indeed..

  • mariela

    ah naku hindi ko na iintindihan ang kanta
    nagugulohan ako sa mga ganyan

  • hapy

    yes, I agree. nobody but God alone 😀

  • aina mae

    tama po body but God!

  • nicoli

    amen to that.

  • Jhezy Castro

    JESUS! Nobody but You! ......... It is our church theme for the year 2010. and just yesterday we have our church anniversarry and the preaching is all about JESUS! Nobody but you!
    I am greatly blessed that I have GOD in my life and I can shout to all of you that He is the only one who can fulfill everything to me! I LOVE YOU LORD!

  • jinky

    i want nobody nobody but YOU..definitely!


  • Ree TLW Admin

    Only JESUS CHRIST can satisfy you and all your longingness in this world... NOBODY BUT JESUS :))

  • Go Ate Ree!

  • Jenalyn

    AMEN... nobody but JESUS.... 🙂

  • jamie

    only and God alone can fill the emptiness in our hearts.

    so,it's nobody, nobody but GOD !!!


    Godbless everyone!!

  • debbie

    I agree..nobody but Christ!!!

  • fritz:)


    we should sing this line! " I WANT NOBODY NOBODY BUT CHRIST!"


    GOD BLESS us all!

  • fritz:)


  • dovi

    yeah right

  • ednalyn ogerio

    be with God always to achieve your dreams ^.^

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True Love Waits speaks in large groups and following it, they train core leaders with TLW workshop lessons. Get full details on how you can invite us to your church, school or barangay,