Don’t try to fix me… I’m not broken!

"Now I’m standing alone with a lost soul, an empty heart and a shattered life. I’m still trying to face a new life without him. I’m still in pain. I still cry everytime I remember him. This is a story without a happy ending. I’m still hung up on the thought that someday, if not here on earth, maybe in God’s paradise, there will be a place for the two of us".

fix me!

Someday, Someone's gonna love me
The way I wanted you to need me
Someday, Someone's gonna take your place
One day I'll forget about you
Someday, Someday...

Naka-relate ka ba? As far as I know everyone who experienced love suffered this infection called "brokenisitis heartedsis" and some got over it very fast but there are others who need a long time medication. There is a lot of lovesongs written over this topic and still no one could describe how painful, miserable and devastating a break-up could be. We ask ourselves "Why?", "Where did I go wrong?", "Hanggang dito na lang ba tayo...?", "Baka pwede pa...?" But whatever the case there's no easy way to break somebody's heart so please break it to me gently ang drama natin sa buhay. The thought of waking up one day knowing he or she won't be there anymore makes you think wala ng rason para mabuhay pa. How terrible, unforgiving life could be...

Did you know that ever since the world begun there is one person whose heart was broken, pounded, ignored, denied, laught at, spit upon, tore into million pieces name it He suffered the most horrible heart condition any of us can fathom. He is so familiar with what your feeling that He doesn't want you to experienced all those. That's the reason He was hung on the cross, He die so we might live. Same thing with us He is giving us an instruction to WAIT our heart is precious to Him. So if you think no one could understand or relate to your heart problem MERON, it's not the end of the world yet everyday is a new hope, you could tell God everything. He creates and authored love it's not the horoscope, tv personalities, dr. love or kung sino pa man God knows.


-kai branch






  • donna

    Very nice, ate kai!:) Buti nalang 'di pa naman ako umabot sa severe case ng brokenisitis heartedsis. hehe. And I'm glad that God uses people(tlw team) to make me more aware and remind me that "true love waits" 🙂 Naniniwala akong kapag hinintay natin ang taong nilaan ni God para sa'tin, we won't suffer the consequences of "brokenisitis heartedsis" hehehe:)

  • hey donna,

    Thank you for preparing yourself for the right person remember that you are a Princess in God's sight. You will find that very special Prince just wait at the right time and right circumstances.

    God loves you,

    kai branch

  • charm

    hello! I'm so blessed that my friend suggested your site( It's really beautiful and encouraging.. It opens the eyes of the readers that TRUE LOVE WAITS..

    Actually I think I belong to the club "Never been kissed/ No boyfriend since birth"...hehehe.. But this will really help my friends that... you know =)

    Well I guess I will announce this site to my friends.. It'll surely help them.

    Thanks a lot.. Keep up the good work!! God bless you guys!!

    "Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young. But set an example for everybody in speech, in life, in LOVE, in faith and in PURITY.."

  • Hey Charm were glad we'd help you and also your friends thanks for spreading it...

    You are precious,

  • Ganito pala dito maraming interesting stories, messages na talagang para sa lahat. I've heard this site sa DZAS, magiging suki ako ng site na ito. Mas interesting sya sa forum. sa forum kasi dami nangyayari nauuwi pa sa pakikipag-away dito positive and uplifting.Keep up guys...! God bless!

  • Hi Jackie thank you but we gave the glory to God sa kanya galing ang mga talents behind the website...thanks for supporting us maybe you could help us spread the site...

    You are loved,


  • k.john

    wow, parang joe d mango.. but its great to hear that there's a way out everytime we're trap and devastated in the world of romantisicm... That there's a God who's willing to lift us up when we're down and that there are people (like TLW) who would give their time, money and effort and everything to cheer us up... Godspeed k. derek, kai and team!!!

  • Hey kuya john thanks there is only one place to get the truth that will set us free and you're right it's God so enjoy waiting for your True Love..

    God loves you,

    kai branch

  • Snubbed

    hi great website! im broken hearted right now…my bf and i have not yet officially broke up but i think were close to that because he’s getting cold to me now..
    its only been a month since we became a couple and we were quite good friends before we jumped into our romantic relationship..we are both Christians but sad to say we kiss and we are physically intimate. we dont do sex.but we kiss a lot. im sad to see him go and im afraid i wont find another man like him. he is really a good guy and im happy ive known him. but i cant stand the feeling of being snubbed and neglected by the one you love..i think he doesnt love me… how can i let him go?..pls help me..thanks.=)

  • hey Snubbed,

    Your right! A good guy wouldn't do those things...and the same goes for good girls...tama ba? A good guy will value your body as well as your heart...he should be taking care of you but not that way getting intimate and kissing for only a month's worth of relationship. You said we don't do sex but those are all part of sex already kissing and physical stuff. We are so grateful that you've found your way out of this relationship... you are worth it girl...a God's princess just wait...that guy just wanted your body but not your heart...Cheer up! You are worth it...

    just wait,

    ps. thank you for your comment khy

  • GraceY

    Amen to that Kai!

    Minsan kasi we keep on blaming ourselves if our relationship don't end up the way we want it..Pilit kasi natin pinipilit ang mga bagay na talagang hindi naman pala para satin. WHY not WAIT??there is something/someone better store for the person who knows how to wait..??RIght?

    Remember you don't choose chooses you...God knows kung sino ang para atin.


  • kristine

    I am so blessed that my friend told me about this site. God Bless you more guys!!

  • Maricel

    Hello there,

    Thank you but right now im so depressed i just don't know what to do i just lost the trust for my bf but i really love him we been for 4years but still he have so many girls in his life... Im so hurt and my heart and mind can't think what to do on this problem. Please any comment will help just to make my heart and mind calm. Thanks in advance...

    More power...


  • hey Maricel the answer to your problem is with you...sometimes we are blinded that we just don't see what's in front of us..we value a relationship so much and not thinking that it's destroying us as a person...if it's not giving you peace then he is certainly not the what we say here True Love Waits...The One will only have ONE in their lives if that bf of yours can do that it's time to shift the gear...You are worth are more than what your bf is thinking of you...You are precious to God..

    let go,

    ate kai

  • khy

    ate kai first time ko po mag popost.. tanong ko lang.. kasi nakita ko yung post mo sa taas.. di naman po sa nangongontra ah.. tanong ko lang bakit po ba porke nag kiss na yung mag karelasyon ang hanap agad ng lalaki sa babae eh katawan lang? kasi ang sinabi lang po nung nag comment na isa nag kiss sila and didnt do sex.. bakit po ang comment nyo agad eh ang habol lang ng lalaki eh katawan nya.. wala naman po nakita sa post nya na pinilit siya ng lalaki na makipag sex or whatever basta ang sinabi niya lang eh nag kiss sila.. so pano nyo po nasabi na katawan lang ang habol nung guy sa girl.. kasi po unfair para sa aming mga lalaki na porke hinalikan namin ung gf namin eh katawan na kagad ang habol namin.. meron pa rin naman lalaki na hindi habol eh sex sa isang relasyon. maraming salamat po..

  • Hey Khy thanks for comment.... check our comment again...

    I heard someone say before that your body is connected, ibig sabihin one piece. Kaya lips are a part of your body. And it should be the plan that your body is a special for someone that you would eventually marry. So..if you give a kiss away by way of your lips, something intended para sa asawa mo....

    Well ,... you get it.

    Kissing is the first step of sex that most times eventually leads to the rest of sex... a dangerous place to go. I heard someone say a fire starts with a spark...

    A womans body is reserved for her husband. If you want the lips of another mans wife. Somehow that doesn't seem right.

    Often people say "well eventually she will be my wife" the problem with that is that eventually is not here yet. 1 Cor 6:19

  • khy

    oh ok ate kai.. eh pano naman yung mga nakapag kiss na? ibig sabihin makasalanan na? pano namin ma rerefreshed yung katawan namin from that sin? tska nakasulat din po ba sa bible na masa ang humalik?

  • ana

    yea..!ur so ryt..!pro i'm the type ata n kelangan ng sobrang long medicaxon..hai.,pro God's always there nmn e..db..ü

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True Love Waits speaks in large groups and following it, they train core leaders with TLW workshop lessons. Get full details on how you can invite us to your church, school or barangay,